Microsoft has released a security update to address vulnerabilities in Edge (Chromium-based). An attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system.  While must users will “auto-update” transparently ADMINS with blocking controls in place may wish to review the latest entry for Microsoft Security Advisory ADV200002 apply the necessary update.

Microsoft Edge Version  86.0.622.51
Date Released  10/22/2020
Based on Chromium Version  86.0.4240.111
CVE Fixes in Release  CVE-2020-15999 (HIGH), CVE-2020-16000, CVE-2020-16001, CVE-2020-16002, CVE-2020-16003

TIP — using Edge “setting icon” click on HELP & ABOUT in EDGE CHROME will reveal most current version information to be checked below

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