An interesting research analysis related to estimated value of personal data collected by various sites for demographic & target market advertising

How Much Is Your Personal Data Worth? | PCMag

In Demand Data | MacKeeper

Your personal data is for sale—that’s not news to anyone. But just how much are people paying for it?   Mackeeper analyzed surveys from You Gov in the US and UK to see whose data is worth the most. As with so many things, scarcity drives up price. Because there are fewer men than women, data for men is at a slightly higher premium, at 14 to 15 cents per person. Age also plays a role, and 18- to 24-year-olds are at the top of the data market.

Companies cull data from many places, especially popular apps such as Facebook, Uber, and Tinder. If you’re not paying, then you’re the product, as the saying goes. See the charts below to figure out just how much you’re worth to companies buying your data. And if you want to do more to protect your data, read our story, 14 Essential Apps for Protecting Your Privacy Online.

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