Hello I’m generally new to computers and know next to nothing about computer code and virus. After downloading and executing registry edits and windows batch files and commands despite the red flags. my pc started to slow down. I wiped all my files everything. And reinstalled windows.I don’t know if it’s just paranoia but I still suspect I have a virus. But I’m at a complete lost. I tried a Norton scan but nothing and I tried a malwarebyts scan but also nothing. I also have no clue what to do. I wanna make my first step but no clue what to do. Anything advice on what to do could be greatly appreciated!

Edit: is kaspersky the better than Norton. I understand that different av provide different services but for defense against malware which is the best

Edit no.2: if a scan comes out clean how would I know if the virus is actually gone and not just well hidden.

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