So my good mate made his own update/compiled version to make it a bit more efficient and tonight at around a good 1:50AM, when the .exe wasn’t running(ethminer.exe), I received an alert from Windows Defender in regards to TrojanScript/Wacatac.B!ml

  1. Windows Defender Firewall Inbound & Outbound exception rules were set to the .exe/whole folder
  2. Malwarebytes also had it on the Allow list.

I trust my mate but I’ve always questioned downloading files straight from anyone that is not a %100 “mass-shared” content, to make sure it wouldn’t be infected.

I dont know if this would be a false positive or not….

(Note: I have scanned the MEGA link in Virustotal and came back with nothing.)

Please help me out here lads, thank you.

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