Hey. This might be a weird and long post but here goes. I’ve noticed a few seemingly minor things happening on my pc that are starting to worry me. I admit I’m possibly just being overtly cautious but I want some opinions on all this.

To start off, about two days ago when I was afk I noticed my computer randomly woke up from sleep mode and had some sort of tiny pop up on the screen. By the time I got to my computer it was gone and I have no clue what it said or was about. All I know is it was red in colour.

The other weird thing I’ve noticed since then is that a lot of the times I can’t click on certain things while browsing online. A big example is those cookie and privacy policy pop ups. I just can’t seem to interact with them. When I click accept or reject nothing happens. I also tried to post something on imgur and could not interact with the uploading buttons.

As for the final straw that broke the camels back on me deciding to post here…

I was mulling about my usual websites, saw a link that lead to a site I know isn’t malicious. I noticed the url was a bit mangled due to a bad copy-paste job by the poster so I fixed it manually and pasted it in to my url bar. I expected to get brought to the site the link should have led to but nope. I got redirected to some sort of sketchy news site. I checked my history and I can see some sort redirecting page having been opened before the news site. Everyone else who was discussing the place the mangled link should have gone to seemed to not have ran in to this.

Here is what my browsing history tells me went down. I’ll put some spaces to break the links to avoid any accidents. I also trimmed the end bits off of them as they were ridiculously long:

rsafrwd. com (This shows up twice in a row with a really long url. )

adverdirect. com (Again, very long url)

dreamlivingeats .com (I think this one is the actual site I ended up on. It also has a pretty long url after this.)

I ran a virus scan with f-secure and nothing came up after this. I also downloaded malwarebytes and the separate adware cleaner malwarebytes also has. Ran both a couple of times and nothing was found. I checked my plug-ins on my browser and found nothing unusual. Am I just being paranoid here or could all these things that happened indicate some sort of infection? Furthermore is there anything else I should do after visiting that weird news site to make sure I’m all good and didn’t catch anything. I did X out immediately when I noticed it wasn’t the site I was expecting to end up on.

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