Apple Suspended Social Media Platform Wimkin From Its App Store
Apple “suspended” the social media platform Wimkin from its App Store, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, “part of a widening crackdown by tech companies on potentially dangerous content during the presidential transition.”
Long-time Slashdot reader phalse phace shares their report:

Mr. Sheppard said the takedowns on the platform, which has 300,000 users and mimics some of the functions of Facebook, pales in comparison to content removals by much larger competitors. “I can’t fault them for looking at it,” Mr. Sheppard said of Apple. “I just wish they would give us a chance…” Mr. Sheppard said his team is installing additional security measures, including tools that automatically flag keywords such as “murder” and “killing.” Apple’s App Review Board said in a message to Mr. Sheppard Tuesday that his proposals to limit further harmful content failed to satisfy its rules…

Mr. Sheppard said Thursday night that he was in contact with Apple officials on possible ways to meet the tech company’s standards and eventually return to the App Store… Representatives of the Google Play app store also sent Mr. Sheppard a warning of potential removal Thursday morning, giving him 24 hours to implement new policies, according to a copy of their correspondence reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Google didn’t respond to requests for comment.
The site has just five moderators in total, Sheppard tells the Journal.
“We’re not out there to fact-check. We’re out there to keep people safe

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