Kyosuke Yamamoto, Asahi, 19 Feb 2021
Japan's defective contact-tracing app COCOA gets bug fix update

Bugs have been fixed in Japan's COVID-19 contact-tracing smartphone app
COCOA, the health ministry announced 18 Feb, starting distribution of the
updated version the same day.  COCOA, introduced to alert users if they come
into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, had
failed to send Android users notifications since the end of last September.

Despite the correction, users still will have to restart the app once a day
for it to operate properly.

The new version also fixes two other previously unpublicized bugs, one that
kept some iPhone users from getting notifications depending on their OS
version, and one that initialized the app on some mobile phones, mostly
iPhones, after it had been used for a while.

The ministry had said on 3 Feb 2021 that bugs were not reported among iPhone

In announcing the new update, the ministry asked Android users to update
their phones to the corrected version and to restart the app once a day and
asked iPhone users to update to the latest iOS14.


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