Sick of boring grids of heads? A new crop of start-ups aims to bring some
serendipity and spark to remote meetings.

Good comment:

Please stop. I do not want to add actor and or a performance artist to my
job description. So far, It is just a meeting. I understand virtual
conferences and speakers.  Virtual reality on the home-front needs a
rethink.  The true reality that we are not, for the most part, interested
in replacing or finding a work-around solution to in-person contact with a
fantasy.  If you want to monetize further "zoom" meetings etc., and their
counterparts, say so. Where is the hue and cry for an extended, more upbeat
meeting arena? Now, let's talk about something substantial like the
currently existing "digital divide," so there is not another crater being
created between the "haves and the have nots."

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