So I’ve been seeing a surge of “What antivirus do I use” or “I got a new PC” types of posts, and I decided to make a big thread showcasing what AV you should and shouldn’t use.

Let’s start off with the good ones.

There are quite a few good antiviruses actually. Kaspersky is my personal pick and offers quite a bit for it’s price, and the free version is quite good.

Bitdefender is pretty similar in test scores to Kaspersky (although Kaspersky scored a touch higher), and it is quite a trustworthy source.

Sophos is also a very good Antivirus, and scores very high marks.

ESET is a unique one, but is very well known for being very good.

Malwarebytesis most of the time good, while it’s not as high-scoring as other AVs it does the job well.

Now… for the one you shouldn’t be using.

There’s nothing wrong with Norton, it’s just a crappy AV. No scandals, just very very meh.

McAfee for some reason is on like every laptop ever, and trust me. It does not work that well. Just uninstall it the chance you get and replace it with something decent.

Avira is also not very good.

But the worst of them all, is Avast and AVG. Not only is Avast Antivirus not very good at it’s Antivirus job, but it was recently caught selling user data. Never ever use this Antivirus.

One more thing, this doesn’t have anything to do with the bad ones.

Windows Defender itself has improved over the years, and using it with common sense and adblock should be enough for smart people. However, ConfigureDefender can improve it by a lot. Many people on the subreddit say that putting ConfiderDefender on high should work.

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