I used an ipad 2 as a kid, and now that I think about it, I did a LOT of bad stuff on that ipad. Like visiting probably malicious sites and then visiting a lot more probably malicious sites. This was all on google chrome app, on the ipad. My mum now uses the ipad, and she uses the ipad for stuff like online banking and other stuff. She does this stuff on safari though. Is this bad?

Nearly 2 years back my mum had an incident at night when she was awoken to her ipad having people talking to eachother on it. She asked them who they were and they responded with “Fillipino Guy, Fillipino Guy.” I don’t know what happened afterwards, but if anyone can help me with this, I will appreciate it. Nothing of the sort has happened since, and no, carbon monoxide poisoning is not a factor here. She said she had a feeling they were using either the ipad or the internet to talk to eachother, but I checked our router page, and the connected devices were only the ones we knew of. Nothing has happened of the sort ever since. Should I be concerned?

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