Reactions to Arch Linux’s New Guided Installer
Long-time Slashdot reader xiando quotes LinuxReviews:

The community distribution Arch Linux has up to now required you to manually install it by entering a whole lot of scary commands in a terminal. Arch version 2021.04.01 features a new guided installer [reached by] typing python -m archinstall guided into the console you get when you boot the Arch Linux installation ISO.

It is not very novice-friendly, or user-friendly, but it gets the job done and it will work fine for those with some basic GNU/Linux knowledge.

Tech Radar writes that previously Arch Linux had “a rather convoluted installation process, which has given rise to a stream of Arch-based distros that are easier to install,” adding that the new installer “was reportedly promoted as an official installation mechanism back in January, and was actively worked upon leading to its inclusion in the installation medium.”
Users have been calling on Arch Linux for simplifying the installation process for a long time, to bring it in line with other Linux distros. However, the Arch philosophy has always been to put the users in charge of every aspect of their installation, which is the antithesis of automated installers.

Phoronix calls the new installer “very quick and easy,” although “granted not as user-friendly / polished as say the Debian Installer, Red Hat’s Anaconda installer, even Ubuntu’s Subiquity, and other TUI/GUI Linux installers out there.”

They also note that Archinstall “does allow automatically partitioning the drive with your choice of file-system options, automatically installing a desktop environment if desired, configuring the network interfaces, and all the other basics.”

The method is quick enough that I’ll likely use archinstall for future Arch Linux benchmarks on Phoronix as it also then applies a sane set of defaults for users… Five minutes or less and off to the races, ready for Arch Linux.”

But Slashdot reader I75BJC still favors “scary commands in a terminal,” leaving this comment on the original submission:
If you can’t type with the big adults, stay on your PlayStation.

Even Apple, with its very good GUI has a command line. The command line commands are more flexible, more specific, more subtle than the pointy-clicky GUI.

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