Apple Announces New Apple TV 4K With Redesigned Siri Remote
The new Apple TV sports a more powerful A12 Bionic chip that lets it play HDR video at higher frame rates. It also comes equipped with a redesigned Siri remote. The Verge reports: The new Siri remote has an iPod-style scroll wheel, a five-way click pad, touch controls, a mute button, and a power button that can turn your TV on and off. Meanwhile, the Siri button is now on the side of the remote, and Apple says that the voice assistant now works on Apple TV in Austria, Ireland, and New Zealand, in addition to the 13 countries where it was already supported. Finally, the new Siri remote’s enclosure is made out of 100 percent recycled aluminum.

You’ll get the new remote with the new $179 4K set-top box, or it’s available separately for $59. As well as being compatible with the new Apple TV 4K, it also works with the 2017 model and Apple TV HD. Apple will also sell the remote bundled with the Apple TV HD for $149. Other features of the Apple TV 4K include support for 60fps Dolby Vision playback over AirPlay from a compatible iPhone, and the ability to optimize the colors of your TV screen using the light sensor on an iPhone.

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