Research conducted by IBM and the Ponemon Institute shows the time to detect a data breach for businesses averages 280 days – a significant gap between the time a network is compromised and its discovery. The Codecov and SolarWinds are strong, loud proof points to the widespread damage possible if hackers achieve undetected, unfettered access to a company’s systems, networks and partners or customers.

But stealthily surveilling a network is not a tactic exclusive to highly sophisticated threat actors targeting enterprise businesses. While the chances of being targeted for a long-term, covert surveillance operation by state-backed actors with deep pockets are slim for most small to mid-sized businesses, increasing reliance on third-party vendors means it’s possible for any business to fall victim. The 2021 Webroot BrightCloud Threat Report provides insight into which industries are more targeted than others, with the highest infection rates in 2020 belonging to Wholesale Trade (up 32.2%), Mining/Oil/Gas (up 32.0%), Manufacturing (up 25.9%) and Public Administration (up 25.0%).

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