When I got a virus 3 months ago, my lsptop wasnt acting suspicious when i was on, it struck when I went to take a bath. I have a feeling I was and still am being spied on thru my phone camera.

1-2 months back, i lost my charger so i decided to charge my phone via my laptop for just a single time. Nearly instantly my mouse starts to spaz out and act weirdly. I fac reset my laptop after that.

On my phone when I go to discord and then I want to post media from my phone gallery, i see an imageless mp4 simply titled ‘mp4’. The location of this was aug 2020,but after searching for aug 2020 in my gallery, i couldnt find the mp4.

I have avg, kaspersky and malwarebytes on my phone, and each day they say nothing is up. Should I worry?

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