Plenty of research on smart mobility is currently devoted to the inclusion of
novel decentralized software architectures to these systems, due to the
inherent advantages in terms of transparency, traceability, trustworthiness.
MOVO is a decentralized application (dApp) for smart mobility. It includes: (i)
a module for collecting data from vehicles and smartphones sensors; (ii) a
component for interacting with Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and
Decentralized File Storages (DFS), for storing and validating sensor data;
(iii) a module for “offline” interaction between devices. The dApp consists of
an Android application intended for use inside a vehicle, which helps the
user/driver collect contextually generated data (e.g. a driver’s stress level,
an electric vehicle’s battery level), which can then be shared through the use
of DLT (i.e., IOTA DLT and Ethereum smart contracts) and DFS (i.e., IPFS). The
third module consists of an implementation of a communication channel that, via
Wi-Fi Direct, allows two devices to exchange data and payment information with
respect to DLT (i.e. cryptocurrency and token) assets. In this paper, we
describe the main software components and provide an experimental evaluation
that confirms the viability of the MOVO dApp in real mobility scenarios.

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