I have been quite paranoid for a few days after I had saved an image, becuase when I uploaded it to discord the colors on it inverted. I read that images can be used to carry malware (for anyone curious it’s called steganography, it’s the reason why for example people ask sometimes if PDF’s have malware). I know that discord compresses uploaded images and compression is often used to combat steganography as it squeezes out the excess data, per say.

Now seeing that the colors inverted and such and having a surface level understanding of steganography transported malware, I came to the conclusion that the image might have been used for such. I of course deleted it but for the past few days I’ve been paranoid of the possibility of malware or spyware on my device.

I’ve checked what apps and processes are running at times, nothing. I’ve used packet analyzers to check for malicious connections, nothing. I’ve used an app manager to see what packages were installed recently, nothing. And several other methods that’d take to long to get into.

The only things that are really odd that I’ve noticed is that when I turn on Wifi my device warms up a bit, though this could just be several apps seeing this as a calling card to connect to the internet to update and sync.

Even after all this my mind still spooks me into looking on deeper and probably causing me to see patterns where there are none, or notice things that were always there and that just now I pay attention to.

I’ve probably been over thinking this, but some help would be great. If anyone could help me finally calm down my fears and even possibly explain what was happening with the image, please do.

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