I am using Bitfender antivirus for mac, and usually, and a system scan only uses a small amount of CPU power and takes 10-15 minutes.

However, today, I started my computer, and found that the scan took nearly 50 minutes to complete, and on activity monitor, it was using 3-4 times the normal CPU,

why could this be happening?

also, should the fact that system scans for me normally take only 10ish minutes for 700k files be concerning, is that too fast?

Edit: After this first scan was complete, repeated system scans now only take the normal 5-10 minutes, and doing some reaserch I found this:

Bitdefender has a feature called SmartScan, which decreases the duration of the scan by adding clean files to a cache so that they will be skipped at the next scan if the files have not been accessed or modified in any way. If a file that is already present in the cache is accessed, then it will be removed from the cache. The “Cache” created by Bitdefender is the same for all types of scans, also for all the scanned files. Once you ran a scan, the clean files are moved to this Cache.

So that explains the short scan. But why did this sudden long scan take place, does that mean my Antivirus Cache was changed? Were a lot of my files suddenly modified for some reason? causing them to be removed from the cache?

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