I’ve had a PC for around 7 months. Didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, but that’s fine.

I was using Avira as an antivirus from around the start. Then, maybe one or two months ago, Avira stopped working (I believe I was updating it, I am not sure). I tried to delete it, nothing. I just blew it off thinking it was nothing. Flash forward to like a couple days ago, and after really thinking hard about it and doing some research, it must be malware of some sort.

If I try to download another antivirus, it makes me have to delete the Avira files, which I do. I then have to restart my PC. After restarting, I attempt to resume the antivirus download, and it once again tells me to delete the Avira files. Repeat this thrice and I understand this is pretty out of my control, and I cannot delete the Avira files.

Someone please tell me how to fix this. I’ve been looking it up, and all the solutions are either outdated or not working. For example, I was told to run rkill, and access is denied. I’m simply lost here. I beg of someone who knows what to do tell me.

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