” Israeli intelligence officers informed the N.S.A. that in the course of their Kaspersky hack, they uncovered evidence that Russian government hackers were using Kaspersky’s access to aggressively scan for American government classified programs, and pulling any findings back to Russian intelligence systems. They provided their N.S.A. counterparts with solid evidence of the Kremlin campaign in the form of screenshots and other documentation, according to the people briefed on the events. ”

article from 2017 – Not a good look for an international cybersecurity company.


Reddit seems to love kaspersky, however, they seem to have some really bad press. It is unclear to me what they did to increase global transparency (Headquarters are still in moscow)

I only have experience with Avast , and it has successfully blocked 2-3 threats where prior to downloading the file/exe I was confident it was malware. (this year)

However, Avast seems to run slow/bulky. When running virus scans it seems to get stuck at 33% for like an hr and then just complete.

What does kaspersky, avast offer that does not prevent it from being disabled similarly to windows defender?

Windows defender scores equally high according to : https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/

If you want to go full send mode with sketchy foreign torrents, what do you recommend?

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