Apple's AirDrop feature could allow hackers to gain personal information via
your Apple device, according to security researchers in Germany.

A report from Technische Universitat Darmstadt says it has found a
`significant privacy leak' in Apple's file-sharing service. When users begin
sharing files with each other using AirDrop, others with malicious intent
can also tap into the data and gain access to the phone number and email of

Researchers say 1.5 billion Apple devices are vulnerable, and Apple has not
issued a security update since the report was issued.

Researchers say they alerted Apple to the problem in May 2019 but said,
“Apple has neither acknowledged the problem nor indicated that they are
working on a solution.” The team added it had also offered a fix for the
flaw, but have not heard back from Apple about the proposal.

Linked article gives a bit more information:

...but it requires proximity AND a brute force attack. So claiming 1.5B
devices at risk is a bit overwrought. So if this gets wider coverage, don't

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