James Rundle, *The Wall Street Journal*, 26 Apr 2021
via ACM TechNews, Wednesday, April 28, 2021

At an April 22 virtual event hosted by Cyber Education Institute LLC's
Billington Cybersecurity unit, U.S. Department of Defense's John Sherman
said the public and private sectors should adopt zero-trust models that
constantly verify whether a device, user, or program should be able to do
what it is asking to do. Ericom Software Ltd.'s Chase Cunningham said, "No
one who actually understands zero trust says abandon the perimeter. But the
reality of it is that you need to understand your perimeter's probably
already compromised, especially when you're in a remote space." Carnegie
Mellon University's Gregory Touhill stressed that zero trust is not a
technology but a strategy, and "we've got too many folks in industry that
are trying to peddle themselves as zero-trust vendors selling the same stuff
that wasn't good enough the first time."


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