I’ve been using ESET NOD32 Antivirus together with Windows Firewall for years and honestly had 0 issues with it. From the older days when AV would eat up resources that can be used for games or other tasks, I always went light with resources so I keep the computer as stock as possible up to this day. Also stuck with Windows Firewall because I think you could never go wrong with it as far as compatibility goes so never really bothered looking for anything else.

I use the computer now for important things and would just like to know if the firewalls bundled with Antivirus software much better than the default Windows Firewall? Probably just gonna set it to its default/auto setting which I think just functions the same as the Windows one (Block Inbound, Allow Outbound). Are the any exploits that for Windows Firewall that are not possible for 3rd party firewalls? I’m just a regular user but you can never be too safe on the internet nowadays.

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