I was researching transphobic content in the Yakuza series, and accidentally downloaded the pdf..

I deleted it as soon as I found it, but stupidly downloaded it again to throw it through virustotal, accidentally opening it in the process.

It was a I’m not a robot page, then a heavily compressed one with text presumably stolen from an article. It was opened in google drive.

I deleted it instantly, and I’m currently scanning my phone with malwarebytes. Should I be okay, and should I take any other actions?

Edit: two scans with two different antiviruses, no results. I didn’t enter anything either, so unless it’s some sort of keylogger, I’m hoping I’m fine.

Edit 2: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/af71b102519762d8a6a388972f7f711436e749ab5a233c0e72449f506daed396/summary

Didn’t provide it the first time, since I didn’t want to download malicious software a third time. Turns out I still had the tab open, so heres the virustotal link.

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