The problem of securely outsourcing computation to cloud servers has
attracted a large amount of attention in recent years. The verifiable
computation of Gennaro, Gentry, Parno (Crypto’10) allows a client to verify the
server’s computation of a function with substantially less time than performing
the outsourced computation from scratch. In a multi-function model (Parno,
Raykova, Vaikuntanathan; TCC’12) of verifiable computation, the process of
encoding function and the process of preparing input are decoupled such that
any client can freely submit a computation request on its input, without having
to generate an encoding of the function in advance. In this paper, we propose a
multi-matrix verifiable computation scheme that allows the secure outsourcing
of the matrix functions over a finite field. Our scheme is outsourceable. When
it is used to outsource $m$ linear functions, the scheme is roughly $m$ times
faster and has less communication cost than the previously best known scheme by
Fiore and Gennaro (CCS’12), both in the client-side computation and in the
server-side computation. We also show the cost saving with detailed

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