A Wireless Speaker Pair From Dead Earbuds
A Wireless Speaker Pair From Dead Earbuds

Building a Bluetooth speaker is easy with the availability of cheap Bluetooth receivers, but surprisingly there isn’t a simple way to build a pair of truly wireless stereo speakers. [Mark] from [DIY Perks] realized that modern Bluetooth earbuds contain all the electronics to do just that.

Due to the popularity of these earbuds, a broken pair can be picked up very cheaply on eBay. Usually, it’s only the battery or speaker unit that gave you, neither of which are required for this build. [Mark] goes through the process of taking a pair of earbuds apart, and then and soldering on battery and speaker wires. speaker wires are connected to an audio amp, which drives a mid-range and treble speaker driver, and a subwoofer. The outputs to the amp are also filtered to match the speakers. Power is provided by a set of four 18650 li-ion cells.

[Mark] housed the driver and electronics in some attractive CNC machined wood enclosures. In the video, he places a lot of emphasis on properly sealing all the gaps to get the best possible audio quality.

As [Mark]’s projects, the end result looks and performs like a high-end commercial project. We’re almost surprised that he didn’t add any brass to the speakers, as he did on his USB-C monitor or PS5 enclosure build.

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