ESET Internet Security and the myESET portal
ESET Internet Security and the myESET portal

I’ve had licenses for ESET Internet Security for several years on Windows 10 machines. The status of the software is accessible through an icon in the area to the right of the taskbar, where you can scan files and media, receive notices of updates, and (of course) extend your license for yet more products. Clicking on this icon, produces the window in the capture below. There is an link (upper right) to connect to a “myESET account“, where one can supposedly “view the security of the device remotely“.

ESET screen cap

However, if I try to login to my account (email + password), it refuses. I emailed support, included my license keys, etc., and asked them how one accesses this feature. They responded with:

Thank you for contacting ESET North America Technical Support. You will need to create a new account to access the myESET portal. 

But if follow the myESET links to set up a “new” account with my email, the response is “account already in use”. Big surprise. Again, trying to log in with existing credentials fails. I just wondered if anyone had ever used this service. I’m less than impressed with ESET’s response so far.

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