I have Kaspersky for my PC and I have 36 days left on the subscription. It’s set to auto-renewal but for the life of me I cannot find out how to cancel it. I’ve looked at their guides, I’ve followed the steps, and there is no place to cancel it.

I looked at this: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/buy/15346#block2 and there is no manage subscription dropdown for me.

What am I doing wrong? The only option I can find that has anything to do with this is in Account Settings > Delete Account, but I don’t want to delete it, I just don’t want to renew. Do I actually have to contact customer support for this or is there something I’m missing?

The renewal email from last year was from Kaspersky Lab US noreply-kaspersky.us@digitalriver.com if that helps.

EDIT: I’ve made a request on the My Kaspersky website, but based on my request from literally 12 months ago that hasn’t been answered, I don’t have much hope.

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