Walmart Will Give 740,000 Employees a Free Smartphone
“Walmart will give 740,000 employees free Samsung smartphones by the end of the year,” reports CBS News, “so they can use a new app to manage schedules, the company announced Thursday.”

The phone, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, can also be used for personal use, and the company will provide free cases and protection plans. The phone’s retail price is currently $499… Up until now, associates at Walmart stores used handheld devices they shared to communicate, but an initial test with employee smartphones was received well and will now be expanded upon, Walmart said…

The company promised that it would not have access to any employee’s personal data and can “use the smartphone as their own personal device if they want, with all the features and privacy they’re used to.” The test will be expanded by the end of the year, Walmart said.

Earlier this year, Walmart announced pay increases for nearly a third of its U.S. workforce of 1.6 million. In February, digital and store workers saw their starting hourly rates increase from $13 to $19 depending on their location and market.

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