I’m always wary on where I leave my cursor on the page, and before I went to eat I remembered the exact location of it. The computer goes to sleep, 10 minutes later I come back, awaken the computer and when awoken, the cursor remains hidden until the mouse gets contact. I nudge the mouse to see where my cursor was, and it was at the other end of the page. I started to panic and I’m still panicking, but I did many AV scans with hitman pro, malwarebytes and windows defender. Came up with nothing. I suspected this was just like my hacking 4 months ago, where malwarebytes failed to detect a remote-access on a quick scan, so I installed Process Hacker. I couldn’t find anything.

I cannot think of a way that my cursor would simply just move to the other side of the page without any form of malware doing the job for it.

Is there a possibility that I have a remote access?

How do you find a remote access? Can it hide from process hacker?

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