I downloaded a theme from a random on discord, He showed a picture of his discord in a discord server and looked really amazing. I asked if he’d give me the theme file, he said he wanted something for it since it was discontinued and you couldn’t get it anywhere. I bought him the something and he gave me the download. That’s when I downloaded it made me blue screen many times and I thought it was because of the theme, (could’ve been a coincidence he says) panicked then downloaded many anti viruses. (which probably fucked up my computer even more) I checked if it had an Malicious malware in Virus Total, it came with “MalSilo”. I have no idea what it does. One of my friends told me it steals my files. I asked the random to prove that it wasn’t a virus. We got in a call and They screenshared. They downloaded the same download as the one that I clicked and showed me the code. (The file was about 2MB) It had some “art”. I have recorded footage of it but I’m afraid someone will come after me if they knew what I had. After that I was less panicked but still spooked. I still have the file stored somewhere, I uninstalled the File on my computer. I ran Malwarebytes and it didn’t detect anything. I just want to know if MalSilo is safe or not, from what I’ve seen in the internet. They say it isn’t a big deal and just ignore it. Not sure if that’s true though. I could say more but it’d have to be in private messages.

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