KDE Plasma 5.22 Released
KDE Plasma 5.22 is now available, bringing “hugely improved” Wayland support, better performance for gaming, adaptive panel transparency for the panel and widgets, and more. Phoronix reports: There is now support for variable rate refresh (VRR) / Adaptive-Sync on Wayland, vertical/horizontal maximization now working with KWin Wayland, global menu applet support under Wayland, support for activities, and a lot of other general improvements and fixes so the overall Wayland support is much more polished and nearly at par to the X.Org Server support.

The performance for gaming with KDE Plasma on Wayland should also be better with now having direct scan-out support for full-screen windows. Rounding out the graphics fun with this release is also GPU hot-plugging support on Wayland for KWin, such as if using an external GPU or USB display adapter. KDE Plasma 5.22 also delivers on adaptive panel transparency for the panel and widgets, desktop notification improvements, Plasma System Monitor has replaced KSysGuard as the default system monitoring application, and a variety of other improvements. You can view the full changelog for Plasma 5.22 here.

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