Kirsten Korosec, TechCrunch, 27 May 2021, via ACM TechNews, 2 Jun 2021

Electric-vehicle manufacturer Tesla has turned the in-car camera in its
Model 3 and Model Y vehicles into a monitor for when its Autopilot advanced
driver assistance system is in use. A Tesla software update specified that
the “cabin camera above the rearview mirror can now detect and alert driver
inattentiveness while Autopilot is engaged,'' and that the system can save
or transit information [only] if data sharing is intentionally enabled.
Tesla has been criticized for failing to activate its in-vehicle driver
monitoring technology amid growing evidence that owners were misusing
Autopilot.  Jake Fisher (*Consumer Reports*) said, “If the new system
proves effective, it could help prevent distraction and be a major
improvement for safety—potentially saving lives.''

  [I hope someone inside the Tesla organization reads RISKS, and suggests
  that this monitor needs to be super-reliable, survivable, resilient—and
  non-hackable—because it is ultimately a single point of failure whose
  failure is likely to result in nasty lawsuits.  PGN

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