As organizations adjusted to pandemic-induced remote work, cybersecurity experts worried that cybercriminals would take advantage of relaxed security habits, and if that happened, the aftermath could result in massive cyberattacks.

Well, during the worst of Covid-19, phishing campaigns skyrocketed, many of them centered on coronavirus concerns, testing, and later, on vaccines. And now we are seeing the impact of those campaigns – a surge in ransomware attacks. Sophos has reported that 51% of organizations worldwide were the target of a ransomware attack in the past year, with criminals successfully encrypting data in 73% of these cases. At this point in time, not only does it seem like each new ransomware announcement is bigger than the last, but we’re seeing how ransomware can impact everyday life.  After a short reprieve, threat actors have resumed their assault on healthcare, taking down access to equipment like MRI and X-ray machines and patient data.  

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