DerbyCon 2013

DerbyCon 3.0 2013

Ive never missed DerbyCon, and I never will as long as they continue to keep the tradition going. I cant say enough about Mr and Mrs Kennedy for all their hard work, and the sponsors that made it happen (LIST)

At DerbyCon everyone is so friendly you feel right at home,  and to be honest it really IS just one big happy family.

So the story.  

The Drive started with my great friend @iturdsandwich.   We drove my Volt down and thank God he was driving because I would have had panic attacks.  Ohio drivers just plain suck!!

Good  listening to music and talking about old times during the trip.  We decided to sing some country.   Not a fan of country but the song seemed appropriate.

Before we arrived in downtown Louisville we of course had to make our official stop at Chuy’s for ChuyCon.
Food was GREAT

After a full belly we had towards the venue.   Jordan and Eve were running late so we decided to meet up with them at registration.  Jayson Street was #awkwardhug mode and Jordan almost put him though a window with the first hug. 

After some hugs we got “Badged” and checked in.  Only to shortly leave again to head to #DerpyCon to meet up with the family.  It was a great time.  Blood was shed mortars were launched and there must have been 400 lb. of meat and 2000 gal of booze.   Everyone had a blast.  Thanks Kyle & Cat, and family, and everyone that helped with the cooking, and music and UAV’s and everything else I cant remember anymore….    All I can say is #DerpyCon 2.0 next year!!!  (lot of ‘and’ there :P)
Friday was stressful.  I spent the entire day with one thought “OH SHIT IM SPEAKING AT 7PM!!”

Finally 7PM came and it was time to get my Game on!

After the talk felt like I had been freed my jail of stress, and allowed to enjoy the rest of the conference and it was just fantastic.  The speaker lineup was just awesome this year.  Here is a link to all the presenters.  I cant say enough for for doing all this work.. You guys are f’ing amazing!!!!

So that was my trip.  I made it home without blood clots or dying and I already miss the fun!  

PS.  When I got home my wife was kind enough to tell me to “Take that Badge off it don’t mean SHIT here” to remind me where my place is at home.

Love “Y’all” (Louisville speak) an see y’all next year!!!


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